Cultural Awareness Club

Cultural Awareness Club at CCMMS

Did you know we have students from over 18 countries and who speak over 14 different languages?  


Let’s have fun celebrating our diversity at Centennial & making new friends!

  • Ms. Barnes Cardinale and I are co-sponsoring a cultural awareness club.
  • We plan to meet in the mornings after you check into homeroom 1 time each month.
  • We want to encourage international students and American students to get to know each other and to share experiences and fun activities.
  • We would like to help educate our school community about our multicultural & multilingual students from all over the world. 
  • We will play games, have food to share,  & have activities to encourage discussions and help students to make friends.
  • We also plan to take a field trip together.
  • Listen for announcements or ask Mrs. Campbell when and where the meetings will take place.